Randi Zuckerberg Ending Internet Anonymity

Sister of Mark Zuckerburg and marketing director of Facebook argues against internet anonymity on the basis of cyber bullying. We discussed in this class before. It is more than just a weak argument. The obvious gain for marketers is not even mentioned. Maybe striving to make their own website anonymous free is understandable The only example to support their argument is of a ‘celebrity’  having nude videos and photos of her online and having trouble removing them due to anonymity. “Gee poor woman, it’s not like paparazzi has ever caught celebs in some awkward moments ever before.”



Should You Use Your Real Name On The Internet?

There’s a discussion going around the issue of using what some people call “Fake” names on the Internet. Some people find its ok to use their real names in social nework but there are some use fake names in order to protect their identity and privacy from those annoying hackers. 

My question is do you prefer to use your real name or fake name in social network?


What makes a good video game

SourceFed is a youtube channel where a group of people make videos of “newsworthy” topics and post them online. I found this video on reasons of what makes a good video game – some are similar to ones we mentioned in class (graphics, narrative storyline, making quick decisions etc.) and perhaps some we forgot to mention. They also talk about how there is rhythm, balance and distribution in some games, like mario brothers, as mentioned by video game creator Dylan Cuthbert. Personally, I think a good game always needs a good story line.

Comment Questions:

– Do you think interesting choices make or break a game?

– What are your favorite games, and why do you love them?



20 minutes of violent video gaming = desensitization, less empathy and helpfulness?

I found this interesting video of an experiment that was conducted by a professor and Jo Frost, who we might know as “Supernanny.” I was surprised by the results that showed how 20 minutes of violent video gaming had effect on these kids when it came to being sensitive towards real-life violence or simply helping others. A lot of the violent video gamers showed very little sensitivity towards some brutal videos that were shown to them. Their heart rates basically remained constant, as opposed to the non-violent gamers, who’s heart rates increased dramatically. They also showed a huge difference in helpfulness when Professor Doug purposely dropped his pencil holder, where the ones who played the violent games were less likely to step in and the others were the majority that helped.

The Effects of Video Games

Here is a very well-rounded video regarding the effects of video games on our society. I found this video to be very interesting because it brings up the two sides of the argument and also adds some points that weren’t mentioned in class. Which side are you on?