Baumgartner making history, but we can’t understand a thing you say!

Baumgartner making history, but we can't understand a thing you say!

If anybody saw the event, that is exactly what he sounded like.
On a serious note, Couldn’t today’s tech give us a better picture and sound than that? Watching a dot fall from the sky is not what you’d expect in 2012!?


5 thoughts on “Baumgartner making history, but we can’t understand a thing you say!

  1. … which leads to a point that technology used to reproduce reality (as well as to create fiction) sets much higher expectations with regards to the quality of mediated content.

    A question to ask is who is the sponsor of this event and how much money they allocated to televise the fall.

  2. The main sponsor of the Skydive was Red Bull, I’m not sure why it was televised at such low quality. Red Bull did release an exclusive video afterwards that was high resolution and sound, I believe.

  3. Saying that we are in 2012, and that we were able to watch the whole thing live directly from 128,100 feet above the earth is pretty impressive. Think of it as trying to keep up with something thats moving at 833 miles/hour with a camera, and still being able to stream it live to all around the world. Keeping in mind that the cameras that were broadcasting the fall were located on the ground and they had to use a huge amount of zoom to make him noticeable. Regardless, you can also take a look at the head cam footage which is in HD quality which compensates for the low quality of the live coverage. (head footage:

  4. good point. That video is actually amazing. I did not know it was that good. I feel it should have had a bigger influence on social networks. I don’t think it was played live on Youtube, I am not sure. It should have been a main screen event on youtube sponsored by RedBull. Who knows how many viewers they could have hit. If it actually does exist, I’d love for someone to post it.

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