Blogger exposed!

David Rose is/used to be a blogger who was recently exposed for disguising himself as a person with paralysis. I know we’ve moved past the whole identity topic but this piece has a lot of interesting things to say about multiple identities.



2 thoughts on “Blogger exposed!

  1. I think in it is unethical if it reaches to this degree and becomes a fraud, or using a fake persona for sinister intentions, but just simply playing on people’s sympathy is still wrong. He did not try to make money from this deception though. The anonymity of the internet allows for many forms of false information that can harm the people being mislead, and for this reason people should be more cautious and less gullible, some people can even use your photo without your consent, like in the case David Rose. But in some cases, it can actually be beneficial, such as when police officers create fake aliases to lure online criminal behavior. As long as nobody gets harmed!

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