Reddit Internet Troll Identity Disclosed

Michael Brutsch said that it was a mistake and Reddit is addictive. His negative usage of the internet caused him to lose his job, his health insurance, and basically ruined his life.


2 thoughts on “Reddit Internet Troll Identity Disclosed

    • Possible reasons of such addiction… hum… I think it is because Michael Brutsch felt that he has more power and a strong voice on his blog. I mean that probably he feels that he is important and has a solid standing on Reddit vs. his real life as a programmer. On Reddit he can reach a huge amount of people and maybe can find people who agree with him and share his interests. Or maybe he uses Reddit as a way to satisfy his creepy personality by posting distributing pictures of young girls and dead babies. Probably this way he could find people who are similar to his personality and enjoy his posts. He said on CNN that he treated Reddit as a game not really as a blog. But at the end of the day all these reasons are speculations; we cannot really put ourselves in his shoes. Maybe he had a hard childhood who knows.
      I know lots of news agencies might be digging deep in his past and analyzing his Reddit posts. Sooner or later the real reason or the best reason behind this negative usage of blogging will uncover.

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