What makes a good video game

SourceFed is a youtube channel where a group of people make videos of “newsworthy” topics and post them online. I found this video on reasons of what makes a good video game – some are similar to ones we mentioned in class (graphics, narrative storyline, making quick decisions etc.) and perhaps some we forgot to mention. They also talk about how there is rhythm, balance and distribution in some games, like mario brothers, as mentioned by video game creator Dylan Cuthbert. Personally, I think a good game always needs a good story line.

Comment Questions:

– Do you think interesting choices make or break a game?

– What are your favorite games, and why do you love them?




5 thoughts on “What makes a good video game

  1. Nice video! I agree that a great narrative is what makes a good story. I think video games can be the greatest storytelling mechanisms.

    My favorite video games are Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead, they left a lasting impression even after I finished the game unlike the other games I’ve played and forgotten about.
    What I loved about these games is that they blur the line between games and movies through cinematic storytelling. Everything from graphics, soundtracks, to the voice of the characters provokes empathy towards a character and creates a level of connection between the user and the lead characters they are controlling.

    I think that interesting choices can also make a game, especially if the outcome of a game is determined by the action of the player. For instance, games like The Walking Dead and Heavy rain are tailored by the choices you make, which influence the way the game unfolds. Each action you make in the game requires you to respond to a prompt within a few seconds so you have to react quickly. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and you’re always eager to find out what happens next.

    • MerriHari is the Japanese word for rhythm, balance and distribution. Dylan Cuthbert, game creator, uses it to describe how some video games function….and he gave the example of Mario Bros. In a video game, there should be strategies, decision-making and a goal/purpose rather than repetitive games with no challenges or opportunities to ‘level up’. In Mario Bros., each level gets harder and more challenging. It allows you to either stay on the ground and collect coins and enter pipes or stay above and hit blocks to collect items. I think that’s what he meant when referring to that concept 🙂

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