Randi Zuckerberg Ending Internet Anonymity

Sister of Mark Zuckerburg and marketing director of Facebook argues against internet anonymity on the basis of cyber bullying. We discussed in this class before. It is more than just a weak argument. The obvious gain for marketers is not even mentioned. Maybe striving to make their own website anonymous free is understandable The only example to support their argument is of a ‘celebrity’ ¬†having nude videos and photos of her online and having trouble removing them due to anonymity. “Gee poor woman, it’s not like paparazzi has ever caught celebs in some awkward moments ever before.”



2 thoughts on “Randi Zuckerberg Ending Internet Anonymity

  1. I think google may be more successful in implementing such a concept. But it should not be to sell information about users, but have it become a shared profit, where not only do video creators make money, it will also be shared with the viewers as well. Famous viewership and upcoming Tubers do have their place in becoming partners.
    It would encourage a ‘real’ name even though it can be a nickname, like Smosh.
    Would be a good concept.

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