A Day in the Life of Social Media


How powerful can social media be? Watch and find out.

Straight to the point. The main idea here is that ” When only 14% of people trust advertising and only 90% trust recommendations via social media”… the impact of social media and brand promotion is great, widespread. People are focusing and are attracted to the content of the message, they rely upon it and trust others for their recommendations. We can discuss social media marketing as a vehicle or tool as a promotional strategy. Here, we can understand how advertising agency’s and businesses go where their audience is, online and self market themselves. I believe that when businesses go online and are active in new media, its audience will feel more trust and loyalty to the brand because they know that it is there and not passive. No more beating around the bush, the information and content is out there and social media is almost like social awareness of all the high tech applications and new media vehicles. You may also understand from the video that you cant fight the social media, its everywhere and you are prone to taking action or participating in social media in one way or another. Today, for marketers its all about the way they are choosing to communicate and reach the target audience and the content of the social media or media text.


Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes


According to Mashable.com, social media marketing is “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.”

So why should your company utilize social media marketing? Well first of all, to develop a relationship with its audience. You have to let people trust you so they can buy from you. Social media marketing is fast, convenient, and trusted. It is fast because you can deliver your message instantly to social media users; they like your message they would share it. It is convenient because social media is accessible to anyone with internet connection. Your audience does not need to have a specific device to get your message; whether they are using an Iphone or a PC you can reach them through the internet. And finally, social media marketing is trustworthy because it acts as a third-party source. If people share your message, it is more reliable than the company marketing itself.

As this video suggests, you have to provide content instead of advertising. You have to provide people with the information that makes them trust you as a company not as what you sell. And the outcome is:
1- Makes your company credible
2- Builds relationships
3- Increases the spread of your company mentioning
4- Gives outstanding visibility
5- Offer your products and services
6- Makes your company perceived as an expert

All what your company has to do is:
1- Find people
2- Send your content
3- Capture information
4- Stay in touch, so you can sell them stuff


Googlers get googled a little more.

If you want to find a video of something where do you go?

What do you start searching through?

If the answers are youtube and search through videos, then you are officially tubing through YouTube. Now to check out a video or music video, etc… we Tube it. Similar to how people spend hours on FaceBook. Tubers spend hours on YouTube watching videos on their topic interests; some can be learning a new language, sharing thoughts on technology, business, or both. You can Tube on YouTube for hours and contribute back to an audience that is active and much more public than other social networks. Not only with videos, but more importantly the comments section, which can have 4,000+ on average.

Tubing has made researching and studying easy. So why read? Tube!  But not for this class.