How to turn a disaster to a viral video

This video generated 478,695 views in just two day. It has been going around Twitter.
The video was manly watched by males between the ages of 25 to 54 years old.
However, the interesting part is that the comment section is filled with political comments about the American government and its international relations. Some people are actually commenting in Arabic and others are replying to them in English and the other way around, which makes me think that they are using some sort of a translating program, maybe Google, to understand each other.


2 thoughts on “How to turn a disaster to a viral video

  1. Yes, I think it had an impact on the political campaigns for the US elections. It is true that both candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have postponed their campaigns to show their support to the hurricane victims; however, I felt that Obama’s method was more affective. I remember watching president Obama on CNN saying that the campaign can take care of its self and it is important to be with the people now. Romney on the other hand, was collecting money for the hurricane victims, but was staying on the safe side far enough to be safe and show his compassion. Obama did a great job pulling Governor Christie, who supports Mitt Romney, to his side when he visited his town after the hurricane and met the survivors.

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