The Batman Killer Played WoW!

I thought I’d look up any recent stories about gamers and the bad effects, and it turns out that James Holmes,  the mass murderer infamously known for the Batman killings was an heavy World of Warcraft player. I chose to post this link because it is part of a gaming forum and we get to see some of the comments gamers have about the topic. 

I don’t think WoW was the reason that made him a murderer but it may have made him more socially inept, and maybe he was also so awful at the game that his gaming peers ‘raged’ at him too?


3 thoughts on “The Batman Killer Played WoW!

  1. With the readings I’m starting to think the game had little to do with what he did. If it were a reason to escape that pain of society, he would simply continue playing and enjoy his time in a virtual world. He left the game and focused on how to use fire arms. He did not attack a gaming cafe and shot WoW players; he went to a movie and killed Batman viewers.

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