Most Viral Arabian Video in history!?!? Saudi Style!

1.5 million views in 1 day. Almost 1 million from mobile devices. The channel only has this one video and the was created on Nov 2nd. The video was posted on Nov 3rd, and the channel now has 6,253 subscribers. Well done Saudi boys!
Possibly the most viral video the Arabian Gulf has ever seen?


4 thoughts on “Most Viral Arabian Video in history!?!? Saudi Style!

  1. I think what makes it authentic is the way these guys have applied their culture to the music video. They have recreated the scenes form the original video, but in the Saudi way. They were wearing traditional clothes while doing the famous dance. They have used Saudi girls to chase, but I am sure they were guys in women’s clothes, similar to the original video.

    • couldn’t have put it in a better way. The clothing “Surwal u’faneela” underwear pants and shirt gained high popularity in the Saudi online sphere the past few months. Combining the most popular song in the world and their culture made it blast off like it did

  2. Agree with Huda11829, it is authentic in its region and nationality. It was professional and well shot. It was made for enjoyment and laughs. They do not gain anything from YouTube for having so many views because they are do not have partnership. The fact that it was posted for the sake of fun made it much more desirable and ‘authentic’ to the viewers. At least that’s my guess.

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