What’s old is new again! Retro games and nostalgia

I was looking through some game apps and thought about how popular retro games are among people nowadays. I personally love retro games with old-school graphics because they are reminiscent of my childhood. Occasionally, I play with old consoles like Sega Genesis despite the terrible graphics of some games, that seemed amazing during their time. It is still strange to me, however, when I find people playing games like Space Invaders when there are so many modern games available. Gaming technology and graphics have matured a lot, but there is an increasing demand for retro games. This brings up the main reason why such games are popular, because of the nostalgic feeling.

I would like to share this great article that speaks about the reasons behind this nostalgic feeling, and why it is triggered when playing old games. For some people, is it not all about nostalgia. And for others, it is just a hobby. Some interesting points that the article mentions is that people who grew up playing these games were more likely to enjoy them because it reminds them of how care-free they were as kids, and “the sense of freedom we had when young may create many experiences that we will one day be nostalgic about…”

In other words, its not just the graphics or game itself that we enjoy, but what the game does to us.



One thought on “What’s old is new again! Retro games and nostalgia

  1. Great post! I think I mentioned in class that nostalgia can be very characteristic of the postmodern present. The world is changing fast, becoming more complex, and we start feeling nostalgic for the simpler past.

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