Is social media destroying our culture?

Author of the book Digital Vertigo, Andrew Keen, expresses his concerns on how the Internet, specifically social media, is “dividing, diminishing, and disorienting us.” I thought this was interesting to share because it may not have come to mind that social media is destroying our cultures. He argues that the internet is not very “habitable” and people are making decisions without caution or concern for how it will affect the way we live and communicate.

*Do you think social media is destroying our culture? or is it creating a whole new culture?

*Also, do you think the social media is making us more narcissistic?


2 thoughts on “Is social media destroying our culture?

  1. I don’t think this video is necessarily about the destructive effects of social media on culture (if you use this term, you have to be very specific what you mean).
    Well, what do you think? Why is narcissism problematic when it comes to socializing? Also, are the effects of social media the way the author discusses them necessarily the effects? What about the people themselves? Weren’t they narcissists and consumers before the invention of social media?

    • I think social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are enabling us and encouraging us to become more narcissistic because they provide us a place where we can share our thoughts, what we’re doing and post random pictures that could not mean anything to anyone but yourself. It can be a problem when socializing with others because you are not exactly socializing when you talk about your day and what you had for lunch rather than asking a person or a friend about themselves as well.

      I think what the author is mentioning could be his opinion on the negative effects of social networks rather than actual facts…but he does provide a unique and interesting perspective that I think no one has shared before.

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