Google: The Stanford Research Project


Google has always never failed to amaze me as a company. It is surely one of the most innovative companies our generation will ever see. Nevertheless, as I read about the company I found out many bits and pieces of information that I have never known before.

One very interesting fact is that the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, started Google as a research project at Stanford University. Hence, up to this day, research is a fundamental part of Google.

Knowing this fact, alongside many others from the readings have increased my admiration and respect for Google as a company. I hope one day I end up working with them! (Who doesn’t :D)

If you are interested in knowing more about the importance of research to Google, check out the video below:


One thought on “Google: The Stanford Research Project

  1. Yes, this also shows that research and science move things forward. So, if you want to work with Google or, perhaps, establish your own innovative company, you have to work hard to become a creative researcher.

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