Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, Nicholas Carr, elaborates on the topic and explains what “neuro-plasticity” has to do with our short attention span and concentration when reading long and lengthy books or articles. According to Carr, the more we exercise parts of our brain that help us skim and scan online, the weaker other parts of the brain get that help us focus and concentrate. I completely agree with his point of view, however, I don’t see it as a negative thing. People are adapting to a new lifestyle where students are no longer required to use physical books from a library, or read lengthy articles on paper and analyze every detail of it. I think we no longer need the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time to evoke deep thoughts because that’s not how our lifestyles are anymore.


2 thoughts on “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

    • I guess we could try and read more books and focus on making time in our day to read rather than forcing ourselves like it’s a chore. We can read a book that’s enjoyable to us so that it’s more interesting and the person gets lost in reading. That way, we could improve our concentration and focus as well as our attention span when trying to read and write or doing any activity that requires our full attention (example: driving).

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