Going viral made easy? The Ray way

Take a trend that is famous and add a twist? Ray William Johnson (RWJ) became a huge success on YouTube by reviewing viral video clips in a funny way on his channel =3 or RWJ.


“Ray William Johnson, the YouTuber whose 5 million-strong subscriber base is the largest on the massive video-sharing site| – Dailydot.com

Each of his



 videos hit a minimum of 1 million views a week. Reviewing viral videos was popular ever since YouTube started, RWJ added his style and became famous online. He started merchandising , made a music album, and started a production company. I saw YOUTUBE for this weeks topic, and this was the first to come to mind.


3 thoughts on “Going viral made easy? The Ray way

  1. I found the following video in response to a question. How much to children absorb from these viral videos? What do they think and how do they think? Some very smart analysis from children.

    • RWJ was not the first to start reviewing viral videos. He did however create a new way of presentation, video editing. He engaged the users by having viewers ask questions and also have viewers reply to the most popular question. He then presented the funniest answers at the end of each video.
      His videos are structured and well scripted.
      He’s also funny!

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