Talking about memes

I am sure you’ve heard of McKayla Maroney, an American gymnast who made an unhappy face at a 2012 Olympics medal ceremony in London. She won the second place (silver medal), and it seems that she was disappointed she didn’t get the gold. The image of Maroney’s unhappy face had gone viral and transformed into multiple Internet memes known as “McKayla is not impressed.”

The picture below is from a Tumblr blog devoted to “McKayla is not impressed” memes. (

But the last picture of Maroney that’s gone viral is actually not fake. This is she and the U.S. President Barak Obama at a meeting in the White House. Both are not impressed. Read more here:



One thought on “Talking about memes

  1. I actually saw the post a Maroney with President Obama and laughed so hard. The meme started during the Olympics and followed the jokes on
    9gag makes memes go viral very fast. I’ll post some examples with the number of likes and discussion activity.

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