From noraal11

The youtube video touches closely on what we have been discussing in class as well as what we have been covering in our readings, in this case Google and its affect on our daily lives, memory and abilities to use the internet fos a quick fix or search engine to essentially anything. The question has arose whether this internet era is allowing us to be multi-taskers, thus disabling us from being able to focus specifically on one task, such as reading a book or lengthy article without getting distracted, such as the author of “Is Google Making us Stupid?” Surely this question is a great one, considering the youth of today are more capable of studying from a computer screen unlike previous generations prefering regular paper. 
 This video was interesting because the author of “Google’s Effects on Memory” is discussing how google is replacing our transactive memory, meaning it stores all the information we do not have time to think about, or are not experts on, much like we used to use people for when the internet was around. Sociologists have been concerned about our memories fading upon the arrival written text because the ways of our oral traditions were being replaced. It is interesting because if we think hard enough, we can most likely remember these things, but nowadays the society is fast paced and everyone needs to be ahead. I really liked the idea that it isn’t the cause of this happening, rather it is replacing the people we used to go to for transactive memory. It is a very interesting topic. 

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