YouTube in 2008 – the Vlogger Era

In the video we watched on Monday, Wesch showed us some faces that none of you may have recognized, like thewinekone, or ben going, nigahiga, chocolate rain (probably heard of that), soldier boy.

I looked up the video that was about The Message, it was posted by a MadV with this video called One World. It only received 12 thousand plus views. The number seems small, but the message spread like a virus. His original video post had about 500 video responses. He compiled most of them into a 3 minute video. That video received about 300,000 views. In the Vblogging sphere that was a pretty huge number. His posts have received a nomination for most Creative Video in 2008, and one post remains the most responded video of all time.

Free Hugs Campaign anyone? Who has seen this original video before?

Take a look here: Free Hugs Campaign with Sick Puppies music.


— view the videos by clicking on the highlighted text


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