Is Google Making us Stupid?


I found an article, Google effects on memory: Cognitive consequences of having information at our fingertips, which discusses the outcome of using Google. The article suggests that using Google makes research so easy that it leads to weak memory. When people know that they can find everything they need online and can go back anytime anywhere to get that information they feel that they do not need to memorize anything. In other words, Google makes our brains lazy to commit information to our memory because why remember when you can just Google it.


Also, the article discussed the results of an experiment conducted to show the effects of Google on memory. The results show that people can remember where the information was, but cannot recall what the information was about. Probably that is why we, as students I think, do not feel that we need to know half of the stuff we learn in class because we think that we could just Google information when we need them. The results suggests that “we must remain plugged in to know what Google knows.”


Sparrow, Betsy, Jenny Liu, and Daniel M. Wegner. “Google effects on memory: Cognitive consequences of having information at our fingertips.” science333.6043 (2011): 776-778.


One thought on “Is Google Making us Stupid?

  1. In today’s world, many of us have access to online sources at any time. Do we really need to focus on memory in 2012? It feels like being able to memorize is not as useful as the past. Will we evolve into googlelites and take over the world?

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