Googlers get googled a little more.

If you want to find a video of something where do you go?

What do you start searching through?

If the answers are youtube and search through videos, then you are officially tubing through YouTube. Now to check out a video or music video, etc… we Tube it. Similar to how people spend hours on FaceBook. Tubers spend hours on YouTube watching videos on their topic interests; some can be learning a new language, sharing thoughts on technology, business, or both. You can Tube on YouTube for hours and contribute back to an audience that is active and much more public than other social networks. Not only with videos, but more importantly the comments section, which can have 4,000+ on average.

Tubing has made researching and studying easy. So why read? Tube!  But not for this class.


One thought on “Googlers get googled a little more.

  1. Exactly, not for this class 🙂 You’re making a valid argument though. It is evolutionary determined that we process visual/audio information more easily than text. That’s why YouTube can become a really powerful educational tool.

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