Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes

According to, social media marketing is “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.”

So why should your company utilize social media marketing? Well first of all, to develop a relationship with its audience. You have to let people trust you so they can buy from you. Social media marketing is fast, convenient, and trusted. It is fast because you can deliver your message instantly to social media users; they like your message they would share it. It is convenient because social media is accessible to anyone with internet connection. Your audience does not need to have a specific device to get your message; whether they are using an Iphone or a PC you can reach them through the internet. And finally, social media marketing is trustworthy because it acts as a third-party source. If people share your message, it is more reliable than the company marketing itself.

As this video suggests, you have to provide content instead of advertising. You have to provide people with the information that makes them trust you as a company not as what you sell. And the outcome is:
1- Makes your company credible
2- Builds relationships
3- Increases the spread of your company mentioning
4- Gives outstanding visibility
5- Offer your products and services
6- Makes your company perceived as an expert

All what your company has to do is:
1- Find people
2- Send your content
3- Capture information
4- Stay in touch, so you can sell them stuff


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