Internet Addiction and what it is doing to Children


Children are slowly becoming addicted to the internet more and more each day. Parents who give children their cell phones or tablets to play games just so they can distract them and keep them quiet, is actually making them addicted to the technology and will increase their use of it as they grow up. The children who start becoming addicted to the internet and video games, will begin to suffer from a mental disorder called ‘internet-use disorder’. This may lead the children to having to deal with stress only through the internet and/or video games. Children will not be able to cope with reality if they have this disorder.

Internet addiction to be added to the list of serious mental disorders following alarming rise in children who cannot log off



Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work

I found this article that talks about multitasking as a waste of time and how it doesn’t work. It explains that tasks that require brain power cannot be done simultaneously as “our short-term memories can only store between five and nine things at once.” For example, if you’re doing your homework, listening to music and reading something online, sure you’d finish your homework and had fun at the same time, but you’d forget what you read online and what music you were listening to.

Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work

However, in my opinion I don’t think of multitasking as a waste of time or a distraction, if you have everything organized and planned out on how you will finish the tasks you need to finish simultaneously, you won’t forget half of the things you do; since in my experience, i rarely forget half of the tasks I did while multitasking.


Are you addicted to the internet?

You could be an Internet addict and not even know it. You can’t determine whether or not you are addicted to the Internet unless you are prevented from it and after prevention, have  withdrawal symptoms similar to a person addicted to drugs or alcohol. You are also an addict if using the Internet prevents you from sleeping, running errands, socializing, working, etc. Hours and hours are wasted online scrolling through tumblr, reading tweets or tweeting, watching meaningless youtube videos, playing online games and accomplishing nothing at all in your day.

This is a short video that explains the signs that prove you are an addict and what do to about it:

I think there is no actual prevention from using the Internet. It can get very extreme and severe when it affects your physical and mental health, but there is not way to fully prevent the Internet in our lives as it is not illegal and people rely on the internet for work and daily use. You can never get a job if you cannot use a computer or a laptop. You can never communicate with others without an Internet connection or mobile device. This issue will go on for as long as the whole world depends on the internet like it always has and needs to.

Who are the People Diagnosed with Internet-Use Disorder?

According to our readings and latest class discussion, Internet addiction is a serious problem that psychologists claim many people have. However, it is not very recent. It has started in 1995. However, what is it really that makes a person an internet addict?

If you are the type of person that spends hours on Facebook or any other form of social media, you have nothing to worry about. You are not considered a person with the internet-use disorder.

A group of psychologists in Australia say that adults are very unlikely to have internet-use disorder. It is most common among children, especially when gaming online. If a kid gets angry or irritated beyond normal when his laptop or smartphone is taken away from him, then this behavior is most likely the cause of a internet-use disorder.

“With kids, gaming is an obvious issue,” Professor Mike Kyrios, of Swinburne University of Technology, told the Sydney Morning Herald. “But overall, technology use could be a potential problem.”

It is up to the parents to notice whether the behavior with their children and the internet is abnormal. And if it is, immediate action must be taken. We must be afraid of the next generation being too dependent or even addicted to technology.


How do people become internet addicts?


A person may try to use the Internet to handle existing addictions, feelings of loneliness, stress, or depression. When the person fails to manage this habit, using the Internet can become an addiction on its own.

Internet and Cybersex Addiction

The website talks about the brief information about the internet addiction and what are the signs, symptoms and treatment of internet and computer addiction. If your an internet addict here is the guide to help you overcome this addiction.

Here’s the website:


Why the bully picks on the bullied person?

To be honest, the reason why the bully picks on the bullied person because he/she comes from a poor family background whether they are physically/mentally abused, neglected and abandoned. He/she forms a group with the other children then picks on the weak ones because their great or smart where the bullied cannot protect himself/herself.

As for me, I was bullied in elementary school where a boy teased about my weight because i was chabby (like a bear) even girls where the bullier form a group of other girls to pick on me plus i did not tell my parents about this and i kept it for myself . In middle school, boys and girls kept on teasing and annoying me about do i love my boyfriend which turned out to be a kind Lebanese student but I told them that he’s like a brother or just a friend and a classmate but he is not my boyfriend because I always sit next to him which I don’t mind plus I told my mom about this situation. During high school in Alexandria, Egypt which its my first year in high school where a crazy Egyptain boy annoyed me because I’m a foreigner to this country and said “do you want to marry me?”. I ignored him first then he kept on going again and again suddenly I snapped and hit hit him back plus did not tell my parents because I’m a big girl. This was my hellish nightmare because when i was young all i want was a friend but look what things turned out to be? I do not trust people at all due to the bullying plus i always judge people before I get to know them. Right now, I still don’t have friends but I chose the person whether i feel comfortable with him/her. 

I was bullied from face to face but not from cyberbullying.