Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Currently, the most popular form of advertising and promotion for business is social media, whether its Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram etc… Just like one of the chapters in the book about Google mentioned, a brand must be where the audience is. Nowadays, everyone is on social networks and that’s why brands are pushing themselves to be marketed effectively on social media. However, it has hard to measure how much money is social marketing making for a brand. Is it really a good investment of time and effort?

An online marketing company called Pagemodo did some research to see to what extent do marketers believe in social media. Their study found that 64% believed in social media and its potential to make more profit however they were still holding back a bit from it and would rather use a more traditional and safer approach to marketing.

In regards to measuring social media’s revenue, according to Pagemodo’s research, different marketers provided different answers. Some said it can be measured by the increase in fans or followers while others said it is measured by surveying consumers regarding an increase in awareness or favoritism towards the brand.

For more interesting findings from Pagemodo’s research, be sure to check the following infographic:

Pagemodo's research results

Pagemodo’s research results


One thought on “Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

  1. Good point. There are still some measurement problems associated with the use of social media marketing. Yet, now marketers have better ways to obtain immediate feedback from people who might become brand supporters. And it’s cheaper than TV or outdoor ads.

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