Marketing on Instagram!

Instagram has definitely become a popular social network and businesses took advantage of its popularity through marketing their brand/product on their profiles. An article on mention 5 brands that use Instagram for marketing purposes, two of which I follow!

1.Free People


3.Tiffany & Co

4.Fashion’s Night Out


All the accounts ask their followers to take pictures of themselves either wearing/using their product, taking pictures of meals at their restaurant or posting pictures at their events and “hashtag-ing” these pictures. Being active on instagram is “being where your audience is”, and that is what all these companies know. Right now, everyone is on instagram and they are smart enough to take advantage and let customers participate and be active with them. Some also have competitions and give out prizes or giveaways! 

I think it’s really smart and creative that these companies do this and it has definitely had a positive effect on me, personally. It helps improve the brand image and gain new customers (followers) by encouraging people to actively participate! 


2 thoughts on “Marketing on Instagram!

  1. Very interesting. Do you follow the brands because you liked them even before Instagram started? Or do you like them because they are on social media? I think we should distinguish between loyal customers and followers as not all followers become customers.

    • I followed Fashion’s Night Out because some of their photos were on the explore page! Another way to get lots of people to “follow” you is to get on the explore page by getting 1000+ likes. I liked one of the brands (free people) before I made an instagram account and then searched for them on there – but I wasn’t a huge fan at first. Free people is a retail brand/store and I don’t like their clothes as much as I do other brands, but I like the pictures they post on Instagram and how they get people to hashtag and participate. They post pictures of their staff working on menial tasks (like cutting up fabric or shopping for office supplies) so it seems more “real” and like they genuinely care about their customers rather than a corporate company that mass produces products and just want to make money. I recently made an online purchase from their store and I plan on ordering some more! I don’t think I would have if Instagram didn’t exist. I think followers can turn into loyal customers like myself:)

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