Activism or slacktivism?

In today’s discussion, I found the term “Slacktivism” interesting. It is the idea that people on social media, share, retweet or like a social cause without putting effort to make a change. It made me remember the quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 🙂 Slacktivists are people who “like” social causes or join/follow community organization to evoke that “feel-good” feeling. Below is an infographic I found that mentions some forms of slacktivism, it includes a few that we discussed in class, like signing an internet petition, buying a product (TOMS shoes) so that a free pair will be given to children in third world countries. So, it brings up the question, is social media activism effective at all? I think that social media is still a powerful tool, and people using social media have the power to generate awareness. The media always pick up on these stories/social causes and it creates a lot of attention. So slacktivists are still making a change in a way, even if its tiny. In other words, they start off with the small steps that slowly lead up to the change and it usually happens fast. So, people should cut slacktivists some slack!






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