Social Media Activism

I think social media has played a huge part in introducing new and existing causes. The tools available such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allows an organization/cause to get their messages across in a short time span, reaching a large audience. Before, i remember i came across different causes only through television, magazines or word of mouth. However, now, I usually come across them through social networking.
One of the organizations i discovered through people “liking” and sharing them on social networking sites is GreenPeace. I learned about them two years ago, and they are one of the many organizations i stay updated with.
They themselves use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get their awareness messages across. They usually get their message out there through hashtags and also by their unique campaigns. They have a Facebook page where most people comment on their posts and the staff replies to them instantly, as well as on Twitter. They even have a group of Facebook where anyone out there can suggest/start a new campaign and get involved. The whole point GreenPeace uses social media is not only to spread the cause, and keep people updated, but also they want the community to get involved with them in any way possible.

For those of you who’ve never heard of them, here’s a short video of what they’re all about:


One thought on “Social Media Activism

  1. Yet, this is activism organized in a traditional way. The organization (GreenPeace) existed before social media developed and it just uses this media tool to spread information about causes. What is important to discuss in this regard is how people participate in “spontaneous” actions, when the initiative comes from people, not from traditional organizations.

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