Purposeful Profit

The Voice for Success is a program that promotes social activism. In the following video, they give  a voice to the “House of Butterflies,” which is both  a purposeful and profitable business that started off in France and found its way to Kuwait through Hanouf Al-Juhail. The idea of this business has a 3-dimensional benefit to society: it sells bags, baskets, boxes that are made from 80% recycled material, it employs poor community workers in Asia, and also1 K.D is taken out of each 10 K.D of sales for donating to Bayt Abdullah in Kuwait (Children’s Hospice).

This relates to the discussions we had in class and the reading “Dragon Fly Effect.” In both, we discussed the emergance of purposeful profit where businesses are merging a purpose that serves society and at the same time aim produce profit. I happened to  see her products; they are very colorful and fashionable, yet if you buy a bag for you, there is a partial benefit that goes to charity and  at the same time this business provides a living for poor community workers.

Her business set a good example for new perceptions for making profits. It calls on small actions that result in big movements. As it only donates a minor profit from each purchase to charity, yet these little contributions pile up to result into a huge contribution. House of Butterflies has received a huge deal of success in Kuwait, yet the items are being sold out in exhibitions, through Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, this business has appealed to many people who have interest in this concept in different areas in Kuwait. Furthermore, Hanouf is planning on expanding her business in different countries in the Middle East.


2 thoughts on “Purposeful Profit

  1. It could be that her customers are not aware of this video. OR it could be because the concept of beautiful corporations (purposeful profit) is relatively new to Kuwait 🙂 so for people to like the idea and buy the product is different than supporting this cause and spreading it. It takes time 🙂

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