Engaging People Through Social Media

Social media has provided means of consumer engagement that were never present before. People can now share, like, comment, retweet, etc… Voicing our opinions towards big corporations has never been easier. Nevertheless, this has also gave us the opportunity to support causes and sign petitions online. We can now be constantly active with a cause directly from our homes. Some call this phenomena “Slacktivism.” However people tend to disagree on whether this level on engagement on social media is considered actual activism or slacktivism. But the question remains to be: how activly engaged should someone be with a cause on social media in order to be considered truly active and not a slacktivist.

The following info-graphic created by Beth Kanter, co-author of The Networked Nonprofitsummarizes the levels of engagement one can go through on twitter:


Kanter also further explains by saying: “It is important to know how to meet people where they are at, and craft your conversation starters and calls to action appropriately so as to match the specific interest and commitment. Organizations need to have good processes and strategies for stewarding people toward ever higher levels of engagement with their causes and campaigns.”


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