Digital Dystopia in U.S.

This is a news segment about Digital Dystopia in the U.S. Interestingly, the news report start off by a scene from the 2002 film: Minorty Report to show how a version of Art  (the movie) has become a reality 10 years after it was filmed! The movie shows a digital world with robotic spies and starte surveillance. Many scenes from the film have become a reality to Newyorkers through facial mapping and Iris scans,online data fingerprints. On top of that, the digital data trial will be connected to massive building in uttah for the U.S. National Security Agency, it will allow collect, analyze and store all forms of personal communication.

This video relates to our discussions in class and our readings about Digital Dystopia. We talked about how technology can be intrusive to our privacy and does not necessarily supports our freedom. On the other hand, it might jeopradize our freedom and get us into trouble with the government. Also, the “Big Brother” factor is highlighted many times in the video. Mainly, the U.S. government is acting like a “big brother” as it is always watching Americans and can get into their private spheres as well.

I really like this idea because I believe in it. As, technology is not all good nor bad, it does have its downside. Since people rely on it so much, and they think it can render them freedom. However, technology can be used against people. So, I am more of  a Digital Dystopian.



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