Slacktivism, indeed.

Slacktivism, indeed.

“Slacktivism” is an apt term to describe feel-good online activism that has zero political or social impact. It gives those who participate in “slacktivist” campaigns an illusion of having a meaningful impact on the world without demanding anything more than joining a Facebook group or tweeting. Remember that online petition that you signed and forwarded to your entire contacts list? That was probably an act of slacktivism. It’s so much easier to click, type, and skim than it is to actually contribute physically.


4 thoughts on “Slacktivism, indeed.

  1. I agree with you, but unfortunately I do fall in that “Slacktivism” category. I sign petitions and encourage others to sign too, but forget about them a month later or ever a week later. It is not because I am just lazy and it is easier to just join online, but it is because I feel helpless. Cause let’s face it it’s just an online petition with group of people who just think their message will get to those who can actually do a difference. However, it is more likely that their petition or message will just get nowhere. If you need to do something, you really need to go beyond social media. Because social media is just a tool to communicate, you need to have the will to actually physically take an action.

    Note: The CouchPotato reminds me of COMM 101 with prof. Kaposi xD

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