Online Privacy is Dead

I found a CNN story on internet privacy. The story discusses the spread of users’ private photos on the internet that led to dangerous effects. One particular user story is a mother who her daughter’s picture was hijacked from her Flickr account and was used on a “sexually suggested” profile on Even though the mother was controlling her account privacy after the incident, people can still get access to her information. Internet investigators say that searches, online purchases, foods you like, or even your phone and address can be obtained from the internet and can be sold.  

 Video here!


However, it is not just about strangers getting hold of your information, but it is also about the government controlling and censoring content. Few weeks ago when the national assembly elections in Kuwait were happening I researched on Twitter a candidate account. When I typed the politician name and clicked on the search icon, an error message appeared on my screen then Twitter was shut down. I tried to open my Twitter application again and retyped and search, but the same result; Twitter would simply shut down. I searched different people and Twitter search worked perfectly; however, when I search a politician it would block out. I was using my phone then and I tried different devices, but the same result. I guess Twitter was controlled by the government and politicians’ accounts were blocked.


2 thoughts on “Online Privacy is Dead

  1. This happened to me too when I was trying to access a politician’s account. It’s scary how freely we trust the internet and always forget that someone is watching us and following our actions online.

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