Cyber Bullying

As we watched the video, I was interested in part of cyberbullying because I never experienced bullying on the internet but I was bullied in school when I was a kid. Young  people use the internet because it’s a big part of their social life. Example: reaseching a topic,chatting and emailing with friends, playing video games. But the other side, kids bully other kids online. Cyberbullying is the same as bullying but it takes place online through text messages can be sent through cell phones. The cybebullies can be classmates, online acquaintances and anonymous users, they often do know who are their victims.

You will find the examples of cyberbullying in this website: go to example link and there you’ll find the potential example.

Another example: Ryan Patrick Halligan,13, an American student from Vermont who took his own life after being bullied from his classmates in real life and cyberbullying online. Here is the website:


Poor kid.


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