I think cyber bullying is the worst form of bullying. Sometimes people forget that words may hurt as much as actions could. The movie we watched on Wednesday had a lot to say about cyber bullying and I think its very important to get the message out there as much as possible.

A lot of awareness campaigns are forming up to stop all forms of bullying. Celebrities have even spoken out about it and have become official spokespeople for several anti-bullying awareness campaigns.

The Internet is a powerful tool with unlimited opportunities to bully anyone. Kids, especially, are facing most of this. As vulnerable as they are to what people say, they are the ones most affected. I think parental monitoring is a huge deal when it comes to cyber bullying. It isn’t that common in Kuwait. However, kids still need to speak up, and parents need to get more involved, if they’re not already.

Here’s a PSA which i found and think has a powerful message. It’s one of the many videos produced for an anti-cyber bullying campaign called “Delete Cyber bullying”:


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