Do you believe in Technorealism?

As I read about the term “technological utopia” and also as we discussed it in class, I have many questions in mind. What seemed most interesting to me is how overly optimistic about the technology some people are.

As defined in the readings, Technological Utopianism is the idea that one day science and technology will make our world a perfect one. People who follow this ideology believe that technological advancements will allow ideal standards of living. However, I found this idea to be naive, therefore I did some further research online and I came across the two following interestingly related terms:


It is a belief that goes against modern technology and its progress. People who follow this ideology believe that technology has a negative effect on numerous aspects of our lives such as physical communities. In a way, we can say that this ideology directly opposes technological utopianism. However, I do not believe that this is the correct path either. To me, this seems as a form of extremism


Like the Roman philosopher Cicero once said: “Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.” Respectively, as a crossover of Technological Utopianism and Neo-Luddism comes the term technorealism. People who believe in technorealism value the advancements and good that comes from technology, but at the same time they understand all the negative effects that could possibly change us. They take into consideration that good and the bad that technology brings us so that they would help shape a better future for everyone.

The following is a funny yet interesting analogy:

Optimist – Technological utopianism, Pessimist – Neo-Luddism, Realist – Technorealism



3 thoughts on “Do you believe in Technorealism?

  1. Why don’t we live in the grey where there’s some negative and some positive? Why is it always WHITE or Black! Come on world, wake up and smell the coffee! Techno utopian, cybe utopian, internet centralists, Neo Ludists, omg get out of your homes! The first term I found close to grey is the technorealist; finally someone I can sit and have a conversation with!

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