Online Privacy

The internet has posed a threat to parents when it comes to their kids sharing personal information like photos or addresses . As we saw in the documentary “Growing Up Online,” parents were struggling with their kids in order to help them manage their social networks. Some parents took an active role in their kid’s social life online, while others did not show any interest in that field of their children’s life.

Also, the documentary showed how shows like “To Catch a Predator” made parents more aware of all the dangers that the internet brings to their kids. Many parents stated that they have become worried about their kid talking to a potential predator online.

Even though the parents are doing it for the right reasons, like keeping an eye on what their children post or checking if they become part of some harmful online behavior, a lot of the children seem to think that they’re parents are being nosy. The best example of this phenomena is the Mom who saw the pictures of her son at a rock concert and emailed all other parents in her community about the issue. This caused the relationship between the mom and the son to go bad, however, later as the son grew up, he understood that the mom was looking out for him and he learned to forgive her.

Online privacy is a huge issue that still need to be worked on. The parents should be involved but not to an extent where it would damage the relationship with their kids. The most convenient way would be to educate the kids and teach them about the potential dangers and threats.


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