Aisha -Cyber Bullying

On cyber bullying Sharing information with friends and peers is great and effortless now-a-days, yet when it comes to spreading negative and hateful messages about someone we are taking advantage of technology for the wrong purposes. Bullying has gone virtual and the virtual world is where kids play today. The messages on their phones or ipods follow them where ever they go. Instead of dealing with insecurities and feelings, teenagers badger the weaker, the younger, and the shy. Cyber bullying has led to many cases of suicide and has broken many hearts. Ryan Patrick Halligan’s suicide story was just too sad to watch. The fact that there was a kid that was obsessed and fascinated with death that pushed him to hang himself, it’s just disturbing. The kid’s website demonstrated all types of ways to kill oneself or the ideal way to kill yourself based off of your personality! This is so sick and haunting that there are people in the world who are so lost, mentally especially. One of the presenters on the video we watched caught my attention when they said that reading words, or text, makes it REAL, it HURTS. When I thought about it, it made sense. When you read a text message you repeat it over and over again in your head, especially if it’s good news or bad news. The truth is so many people are abused and bullied in so many realms, online and offline, at home, at work…etc. Victims of bullying, and abuse, need to know that they are not alone, in life, online or offline. This is where anti bullying and abuse campaigns can help build awareness and possible save lives.


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