We have heard many cases in which teenagers would commit suicide as a result of severe and constant cyber-bullying, but we have never really understood exactly how and why this happens. What exactly are the actions that trigger suicidal thoughts and at what point do these thoughts turn into actions? A movie I watched, Cyberbully, shows you how a few teasing words and mocking on a social network page turn into a social and happy girl attempting to commit suicide. Although this movie is not a Hollywood blockbuster or has won any awards, its underlying message is worth the watch.

After watching the movie, I know how little it takes for someone to be affected so hugely and fatally. I never took cyber-bullying seriously. One mean comment, post or reply creates a ripple effect and can encourage many others to bully someone else. With all the forms of bullying, cyber bullying is the worst. There is a huge audience that witnesses the bullying, but never reports it or defends the person being bullied. Therefore, the person being bullied feels helpless and embarrassed. It is not physical, therefore it cannot be taken seriously by officials, unless the bully poses an actual threat and takes action to his or her threats. Finally, it can go on endlessly and you can never escape it. The Internet is everywhere, you cannot outrun the bully. Think twice before you post a mean comment, you wouldn’t want the same words being said to you.


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