Video & My Thoughts- Aisha

Minors have taken their personal lives and put them online, a virtual society that they have become addicted to living and sharing each moment via the internet. They have begun to share intimate conversations to the public with complete strangers, that in some cases they don’t even discuss with direct family members. They are expressing themselves through pictures, videos and profile status. The notion that anyone can read or access what you post is partially true and false. There are ways of accessing information about people from social networking sites, but not everyone is interested and won’t be able to find every bit of information. In other words, the information is out there, but chances are you’re not going to find it all. The video showed that these teenagers were able to form digital representations of them, testing their identity and trying the character on. The fact is that this generation seems to be very comfortable living a private public life, exposing themselves to the rest of the world, and in some cases, without limitations or boundaries. When a minor is online representing himself or herself in a certain way, you have to ask who is in control here. And who is going to see this?  The video demonstrated that some parental control is necessary. Parents need to intervene and guide their teenagers. Teenagers need to understand how to use social networking sites and their function. Even though privacy settings all us to control who sees our information, people still go to extremes in revealing too much information about their life. What happened to the time when privacy was respected? The information era and new media technology has made us believe that information exchange is the big idea, that we all have so much to say and feel and should/could share it with everyone. Self-censoring is necessary and even teenagers need to be professional and appropriate when online. ImageImage


One thought on “Video & My Thoughts- Aisha

  1. But aren’t teenagers become more rebellious when parents try to intervene? A part of the movie is about it. Then how do parents make their children “understand how to use social networking sites”?

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