5 Things Parents should NEVER do on Facebook


I liked this article because it funny and useful at the same time. It highlights 5 mistakes that parents should avoid when they are tempted to practise parenting on Facebook. It mentions that parents should guide their children offline, and avoid embarassing them infront of their friends. It was funny because it was very realistic and it referred to real-life examples.

 This article makes it clear that if parents are intruding on their children and controlling them on Facebook, they will be removed from their friends’ list. In relation to the video we saw, the mother who was being very controlling of her childrens’ Facebook activities really needs to read this article and change her behavior!! In fact, her overly strict rules drive her children to do things behind her back. Therefore, it would be smart to allow the children to be act freely on Facebook, and any remarks could be given offline only.

And really parents should always remember that they were teenagers once !! So they don’t have to be all uptight and make their children’s teen years miserable. It’s better to keep teens close to the parents, just like friends. Keeping an eye on them on Facebook might be necessary for parents to feel their children are safe, but parents shouldn’t be creepy!!


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