Cyberbullying Leading to Suicides

I found an article on cyberbullying related to the video we watched in class the other day. In this article, it explains that the people who have committed suicide was not just because of cyberbullying alone, but of face-to-face bullying as well. The article mentions that “78 per cent of the victims who committed suicide were bullied both at school and online — with only 17 per cent targeted on the internet only.” It also explains that the victims also had mood disorders and depression symptoms that led to the their suicide.

Cyberbullying-Linked Suicides Rising


2 thoughts on “Cyberbullying Leading to Suicides

    • Well like I said earlier today in class, if you are being bullied face-to-face as well, it will have a bigger affect on you than when you are only being bullied online.

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