Man Behind the Mask- Digital Dystopia

In our readings, Monrov commented, “Our digital effort make us feel very useful and important but have zero social impact. When the marginal cost of joining yet another Facebook group are low, we click “yes” without even blinking, but the truth is that it may distract us from helping the same cause in more productive ways. Paradoxically, it often means that the very act of joining a Facebook group is often the end – rather than the beginning – of our engagement with a cause, which undermines much of digital activism.”

yet we go about clicking and liking comments without thinking who is actually behind this matter. I found an interesting article about how the intetnet is a dystopian sweatshop, with people working for pennies behind our every click.

There’s a workforce deployed by billion-dollar brands like Microsoft, eBay and Twitter – a workforce that has no entitlement to basic benefits, and is paid an hourly wage of approximately $1.20. They’re the products and the projected future of corporate outsourcing, but they’re not based in Chinese factories or Indian call centers. They’re working at their home computers, in the US, right now. We depend on their labor to navigate the Internet and make our lives easier.”

While the internet is a realm we make part of our daily lives, we do not realize what is backing it as we naviagate from page to page. It is not a private place as much as we seem to think

To read further on the article here is the link :


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