Cyber-bullying: you can run but you cannot hide!

Why do words hurt more than actions?

Cyber-bullying seems to be a bigger issue than physical bullying, as it is a new way for bullies to harass others anonymously and behind a screen. In the digital world, you can run but you cannot hide! As shown in the video below…sometimes, the words of the bully can catch up and hurt you.

I honestly think there will always be bullies and bullying will persist. It all comes down to the bullied person to learn how to deal with the bully. The simple solution is to ignore the mean remarks and leave the online place the bully is active in. It may be difficult because social media is engrained in teenagers’ lives, as we saw in the “Growing up online” documentary. But there are ways to regulate online activity by being more cautious about who you add as a friend and what you post that can be used as ammunition against you! Parents should also play a big role in protecting their children and their online activity. I am not saying they should do that by intruding in to their privacy, but by not neglecting them and staying updated with their lives.

There are other underlying causes to why a teenager may decide to kill him/her self because of words that were said to them online. Adolescence can be a vulnerable, sensitive and rebellious period, they are also self-conscious about their appearance making them easily fall victim to online bullying. Bullies prey on those who they see as weak and defenseless, and with the use of the internet these bullies can choose to be faceless. As the reading “Cyber-bullying is a new threat for children” mentions, technology brings us closer yet there’s a distance, you can’t see the “bullee’s” reaction to the hurtful words.

The issue of cyber-bullying is showing up more often on the news. Only recently, earlier this week, another girl by the name of Jessica Laney took her life away because of cyber-bullying, to be more exact, she was bullied by internet trolls on “”! This website allows anonymous users to ask you questions. It has been reported that this is the 6th¬†incident of cyber-bullying to occur this year, along with Amanda Todd. So it is becoming more prevalent.
Laney also claimed that she was all alone and no one cared about her. It seems that she was brought up in a poor home environment where her family neglected her instead of listening to her. It is much easier once a victim informs their parents about their problems. It gets the weight off their shoulders. Most teenagers are so locked in, and their thoughts and feelings stay bottled up inside them.

Here is a detailed news report on Jessica Laney:


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