Media Multitasking is Multi Distracting.

With the availability of so many different technological devices, it has become difficult to concentrate on one. People are under the notion that they are able to easily multi task, in fact, some might say they’re “good at it.” Parents have been rambling, saying media multi tasking is distracting and this study may have proven them right. According to Boston College researchers from May 2011, it appears that people are extremely distracted while focusing on more than one device (e.g. television, computer) After placing several people n a room containing a television and a computer, a hypothesis was tested. They were given a half hour to use either device, people on average switched their eyes back and forth between TV and computer a staggering 120 times in 27.5 minutes, or nearly once every 14 seconds. What’s even more surprising, is that people are completely oblivious to doing that. Rather, they believe they only looked back a few times, not realizing how distracted they actually were. The two devices most often used at the same time are the television and computer, and it seems as though the computer is the winner- as in, it keeps the users eye on it for a longer period of time. Understanding the physical behavior of multi-media multitaskers raises questions about the level of comprehension amongst people who keep switching between devices. More specifically, it raises questions about the impact on productivity or on children doing their homework and college students studying. Image

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