Bullying and my thoughts

I remember the first time I noticed that bullying can take place on the internet too. I was watching a video on YouTube uploaded by one of my subscriptions, gossmakeupartist , he is a makeup artist. His video was about the haters on YouTube and people who write negative comments on his channel and videos. He said they threatened to kill him and kill all gays. They said that God hates him, and that makeup is only for females. His video, as he indicated, was created to show that he does not care what people think of him, and whether he is gay or not God loves him. He said several times “I don’t care what you think;” however, it was obvious from his tone that he was hurt. He blinked a lot and his voice was a bit shaky when he read the negative comments. Then I realized how hurtful internet comments can be.

Some people, I believe, take pleasure in criticizing others. They feel better about themselves by finding weaknesses in others. And of course it is safer on the internet to attack because you feel untouchable, even though it’s not true. It is similar to driving in a way. When you are driving some drivers would cut you off or turn on you. Some would even swear at you and drive away. They would do things they would not normally do when they are face to face with you. Similarly the internet, they feel untraceable or somehow physically protected.

I disagree with the cyberbullying article. A lot of things written just don’t make sense. It was obvious that the author did not understand how bullying really feels like, at least this is my feeling when I read the article. I have been bullied in the past, and I remember clearly how bad it was. And even now when I run into people who have bullied me, I feel I am 6 years old again as if I did not age at all. It is quit hurtful and stays with you. I hate to remember, but what really gets me is when I get reminded. Unfortunately, last year I had a class with one of the girls who used to bully me in elementary school. Sadly she did not change at all. When I saw her I felt I went back in time, and I remembered all the things that she did. However, when I had time to think about it; I was glad to see her again. She did not change, she is still an unmature bully, but I have changed, grown, and moved on. It was quite funny to me now to hear her in class behind me making childish comments about me instead of paying attention to the lecture. She failed the class.

 I know it is evil of me to say this, but I am happy that she is having an unsuccessful life. Actually, she is not the only bully I have run into. Most of them did not change at all, and leading their failed lives depending on their parents and family. Three of them dropped off high school. They are still rude, offensive, and have no purpose in life.

 I disagree with the article simply because I know, from my experience, bullies know very well what they are saying or doing and therefore intend to hurt their victim or prey ;p. In addition, bullies can never become your friends later. I remember that the school psychologist talked to them and they said they were “just joking” -which is again why I disagree with the reading- and they want to be my friends. Of course, as soon as the school psychologist left they started hitting me with books and threatening to kill me and my mother. And whenever they see the school psychologist passing by, they act friendly.

 I know that the reason for all that is the bad parenting, and the unprofessional teachers and school staff. Everything started because of a teacher who pointed out that I look different and that I am not Kuwaiti and laughed. Later that day all my classmates started repeating what she said. And I know that they were repeating what they hear from teachers because six year olds cannot think this way or just cannot say my mother married her Indian driver because she did not find someone to marry her. And again my teachers used to point out all the time in class to fact that I am a foreigner. My classmates would never find out if the teachers were bit professional. I recall a bully’s mother was bullying me and my mother in a parents’ meeting, and her daughter and my teacher were simply laughing. I have changed a lot of schools, but the main thing was terrible parenting and bad role models.

 Also, it is the way humans are; we have to hate on someone, we must find an enemy. Some people, as I have mentioned previously, have pleasure in making others look bad or making fun of them. Probably it makes them perceive their issues positively. Maybe they feel blessed when they point out the weaknesses or make up weaknesses in others. There is a saying in Arabic “have them for lunch before they have you for dinner.” Well that’s life 🙂


NOTE: I know it is too long but I tried my best to be as brief as possible. I just could not stop typing LOL!! ;p



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