Why the bully picks on the bullied person?

To be honest, the reason why the bully picks on the bullied person because he/she comes from a poor family background whether they are physically/mentally abused, neglected and abandoned. He/she forms a group with the other children then picks on the weak ones because their great or smart where the bullied cannot protect himself/herself.

As for me, I was bullied in elementary school where a boy teased about my weight because i was chabby (like a bear) even girls where the bullier form a group of other girls to pick on me plus i did not tell my parents about this and i kept it for myself . In middle school, boys and girls kept on teasing and annoying me about do i love my boyfriend which turned out to be a kind Lebanese student but I told them that he’s like a brother or just a friend and a classmate but he is not my boyfriend because I always sit next to him which I don’t mind plus I told my mom about this situation. During high school in Alexandria, Egypt which its my first year in high school where a crazy Egyptain boy annoyed me because I’m a foreigner to this country and said “do you want to marry me?”. I ignored him first then he kept on going again and again suddenly I snapped and hit hit him back plus did not tell my parents because I’m a big girl. This was my hellish nightmare because when i was young all i want was a friend but look what things turned out to be? I do not trust people at all due to the bullying plus i always judge people before I get to know them. Right now, I still don’t have friends but I chose the person whether i feel comfortable with him/her. 

I was bullied from face to face but not from cyberbullying.


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