Are you addicted to the internet?

You could be an Internet addict and not even know it. You can’t determine whether or not you are addicted to the Internet unless you are prevented from it and after prevention, have  withdrawal symptoms similar to a person addicted to drugs or alcohol. You are also an addict if using the Internet prevents you from sleeping, running errands, socializing, working, etc. Hours and hours are wasted online scrolling through tumblr, reading tweets or tweeting, watching meaningless youtube videos, playing online games and accomplishing nothing at all in your day.

This is a short video that explains the signs that prove you are an addict and what do to about it:

I think there is no actual prevention from using the Internet. It can get very extreme and severe when it affects your physical and mental health, but there is not way to fully prevent the Internet in our lives as it is not illegal and people rely on the internet for work and daily use. You can never get a job if you cannot use a computer or a laptop. You can never communicate with others without an Internet connection or mobile device. This issue will go on for as long as the whole world depends on the internet like it always has and needs to.


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