How do people become addicted to internet

The risk factors are:

  • You suffer from anxiety.
  • You are depressed.
  • You have any other addictions.
  • You lack social support.
  • You’re an unhappy teenager.
  • You are less mobile or socially active than you once were.
  • You are stressed.

Signs of Internet addiction:

  • Losing track of time online.
  • Having trouble completing tasks at work or home.
  • Isolation from family and friends.
  • Feeling guilty or defensive about your Internet use.
  • Feeling a sense of euphoria while involved in Internet activities.

The symptoms of Internet addiction:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pain and numbness in hands and wrists)
  • Dry eyes or strained vision
  • Back aches and neck aches; severe headaches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Pronounced weight gain or weight loss.

If you don’t want to become an internet or computer addict just follow these steps in order for you to avoid this addiction and become a healthy person.



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