How does Facebook make money?

A recent study conducted by The Search Agency shows that only 54% of adults in the US understand how Facebook makes money.

The answers the respondents of the study provided when asked how Facebook makes money were crazy. Some even thought that Facebook sells the user’s personal information to marketers and other parties for money. Of course the actual way they mainly make money is through the annoying ads which are supposedly relevant to us that we get on the side.

Vice president of The Search Agency said the following about this study: “It’s really incumbent upon advertisers, and publishers, as well, to help educate consumers on how data can be used in a useful fashion. That’s the key thing. Everyone says, “Oh, this ad is not relevant to me.” But if you get ads that are more relevant to you and you understand the relevance based on the queries that you’re making … there is relevance there. They’d rather be served that ad than the alternative, which is something more spammy.”

I wonder how the responses would differ if they asked young Facebook users instead of adults. Read about the full study here.


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