Online Relationship Prank on famous Football Player!!


Manti te’o a college football player was pranked by a group pretending to be a girl. They faked her death, the same month his grandmother died, making Manti Te’o completely heartbroken. It encouraged his team and himself to become a great encouragement for the team to do great things this season. The girl, as Manti said, was the love of his life and have been in serious “ONLINE” relationship for years!

He is in line to with the Heisman trophy for his huge efforts this season. 

Turns out, the girlfriend was fake, and this week it is the hottest story in the US sports world; even more than the hottest story on Opera about Lance Armstrong cheating all these years with performance enhancing drugs.

Manti sticks to the story that he did not know she was fake and feels completely devastated to this hoax. His college believes his story and backs him up.

I find it a very interesting story on how real online relationships can be in real life. It could have been an excellent example to our research on online/offline relationships as well. 



Keek. What the heck is going on!?

Launched in March 2012, has grasped the attention of teens all over the world by introducing a concept cross between Youtube and Twitter, where the maximum length is about 30 seconds. Users have subscribers and/or followers; videos can be liked, favorite’d and commented on. It is very interactive and short to the point.

The speed at which a person gains an audience is astronomical. I couldn’t find the user when I came to make this post, however with only 4 Keeks (or video posts) she had 40,000+ followers and 10,000+ subscribers after 6 weeks of being on Keek. 

Some of the Keek’ers have a base of 500,000+ followers.

What makes it confusing and also interesting is the content of the videos. There isn’t any real content. The Keeks sometimes make no sense or have any meaning, but the users fall in love with the Keeker and subscribe and follow, and it continues to grow.

I only know that a large number of Keekers are very young (under 18), even as far 12. I also found a 12 year old with 100,000 followers. (!!!)

What the heck is going on?

Googlers get googled a little more.

If you want to find a video of something where do you go?

What do you start searching through?

If the answers are youtube and search through videos, then you are officially tubing through YouTube. Now to check out a video or music video, etc… we Tube it. Similar to how people spend hours on FaceBook. Tubers spend hours on YouTube watching videos on their topic interests; some can be learning a new language, sharing thoughts on technology, business, or both. You can Tube on YouTube for hours and contribute back to an audience that is active and much more public than other social networks. Not only with videos, but more importantly the comments section, which can have 4,000+ on average.

Tubing has made researching and studying easy. So why read? Tube!  But not for this class.

YouTube in 2008 – the Vlogger Era

In the video we watched on Monday, Wesch showed us some faces that none of you may have recognized, like thewinekone, or ben going, nigahiga, chocolate rain (probably heard of that), soldier boy.

I looked up the video that was about The Message, it was posted by a MadV with this video called One World. It only received 12 thousand plus views. The number seems small, but the message spread like a virus. His original video post had about 500 video responses. He compiled most of them into a 3 minute video. That video received about 300,000 views. In the Vblogging sphere that was a pretty huge number. His posts have received a nomination for most Creative Video in 2008, and one post remains the most responded video of all time.

Free Hugs Campaign anyone? Who has seen this original video before?

Take a look here: Free Hugs Campaign with Sick Puppies music.


— view the videos by clicking on the highlighted text

Going viral made easy? The Ray way

Take a trend that is famous and add a twist? Ray William Johnson (RWJ) became a huge success on YouTube by reviewing viral video clips in a funny way on his channel =3 or RWJ.


“Ray William Johnson, the YouTuber whose 5 million-strong subscriber base is the largest on the massive video-sharing site| –

Each of his



 videos hit a minimum of 1 million views a week. Reviewing viral videos was popular ever since YouTube started, RWJ added his style and became famous online. He started merchandising , made a music album, and started a production company. I saw YOUTUBE for this weeks topic, and this was the first to come to mind.