Why is Wikipedia losing editors?

We all have used Wikipedia at some point in our life, if not constantly. A recent study has found that the number of editors on Wikipedia has been falling. Some claim the reason to be the rules for quality control implemented back in 2007. However, others argue that Wikipedia now covers almost everything and there is less and less new things to add to it.

I am not quite sure which of these could be the reason in my opinion, but they both make sense.  The following graph shows the decline in number of editors over time:




How to Do the Gangnam Style Dance?

You can find these 12 steps on http://www.wikihow.com/Do-the-Gangnam-Style-Dance.

Since I’m not the type to dance because I never danced before till right now. I’ve tried to do this dance but it seems to hard to do it. If you don’t, teach your child the dance.

So here’s the address :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZmkU5Pg1sw

This video shows in Ellen show where Psy teaches Britney & Ellen the dance while Simon watches them.


Is Scary Maze Game a viral video?

Yes because it is an online computer game. The users must navigate a red dot through three levels of mazes before suddenly being confronted by a screaming image of a bloody and possessed Regan McNeil (Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist). People began videotaping their friends, co-workers, and loved-ones playing the maze game, and posting their hysterically frightened reactions online for the world to see it.

The one on Monday that I showed in class where the video has high views (7,882,159). If you want revenge from your friends and families, install this game and let them play it when the screaming image appears then videotape their reaction. this how you get revenge!

Online Relationship Prank on famous Football Player!!



Manti te’o a college football player was pranked by a group pretending to be a girl. They faked her death, the same month his grandmother died, making Manti Te’o completely heartbroken. It encouraged his team and himself to become a great encouragement for the team to do great things this season. The girl, as Manti said, was the love of his life and have been in serious “ONLINE” relationship for years!

He is in line to with the Heisman trophy for his huge efforts this season. 

Turns out, the girlfriend was fake, and this week it is the hottest story in the US sports world; even more than the hottest story on Opera about Lance Armstrong cheating all these years with performance enhancing drugs.

Manti sticks to the story that he did not know she was fake and feels completely devastated to this hoax. His college believes his story and backs him up.

I find it a very interesting story on how real online relationships can be in real life. It could have been an excellent example to our research on online/offline relationships as well. 


Cats React To NYAN CAT


Why cat videos are popular?

We have always loved cute species, but now with the internet we can share and watch anytime. The internet provided a convenient way to access and share what interests us. So why we love them? Because we don’t need prior knowledge or an explanation to understand them. “Cat videos and images are a quick hit of pure, unfettered ‘cute.’ They’re also entertainment in easily digestible doses.”
Also, cats have bodily and facial expressions that are close to human behavior. They have the tendency to do amusing things and get themselves is funny situations that are shareable. Dogs on the other hand are not successful online because you know that they are trying to capture your attention by doing what they do.

As a cat owner and a previous dog owner, I can relate to this. Cats are very independent and self-possessed. They don’t care for anything but themselves. Whatever they do, whether it’s funny or not, it’s for their own amusement or in some cases it was simply a funny accident. Dogs on the other hand, feel sham when they do wrong, and they depend on us humans to take care of them and play with them. Dogs know that I am the owner; cats think they own me, its as simple as that XD
And that what makes them so amusing and amazing. We can’t read them, but we admire their confidence and arrogance.